Milano International Living Service (MIL Service) was founded in 2007 in order to respond to the high demand for housing: every year more and more students come to Milan from all around the world to spend a semester or a whole year studying at one of the most prestigious Universities in Milan.

MIL Service is a student housing company dedicated to the coordination of all aspects of apartment housing needs. Our Service allows our customers to focus on their academic life in general, while leaving the housing problems to us!!
The housing typology provided by MIL Service makes it possible to fully experience the new international student life by introducing the student to the reality of a real citizen: live MILAN while living IN Milan.
MIL Service offers a range of housing services to students who come to Milan every year through different exchange academic programs.
Through a dedicated, team-oriented approach, we are committed to provide every student the best residential experience.
Our young and professional team is what makes our service competitive in the housing market since we understand students’ needs and respond with a quick and concrete solution.
Furthermore as our customers the students can benefit from a high quality and all-inclusive service at a very affordable price: in our housing package they will receive many other services, such as fully furnished apartments, 24/7 internet connection, bi-monthly cleaning, etc.